If you want to experience financial freedom, then you need to budget.

You may have tried to keep your finances under control purely by staying aware of what you spend. You probably have tried and failed multiple times...otherwise you wouldn't be here.

You may feel frustrated with your inconsistency and your lack of self control.

This course is here to help you reach your financial goals.

Budgeting isn't the easiest if you don't know where to start, especially when you make it difficult for yourself. We have made budgeting simple by laying out a step by step program. YOU don't even have to create your own budget sheet! We supply the brunt of the work.

We don't want you to live your life wondering what it would've been like to take that dream vacation or have started a little earlier in investing.

if you complete this course and implement the strategies presented you will gain control of yourself and your budget. You will make choices you are proud of and you will begin to make progress in your finances.

It's time to get rid of the old poor habits and bring in the new budgeting lifestyle.

Take a step towards wealth



We will take you from start to finish all the steps required to build your own budget. You can expect to learn the following from the class:

- What a budget is

- Why you would budget

- The components of a budget

- A detailed walk through of how to make a budget

- Strategies to successfully stick with your new budget



One on One Budget Meeting

All the online content included with the basic package, but this also includes a one time 30 minutes meeting with Chase or Bradford to go over your budget. Your budget will be reviewed before hand and you'll receive personalized recommendations about improvements you can make to build wealth faster.